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Get Simplified Human Resource Operations with Automation Smart HRM is an application to facilitate the complex task of managing Human Resources. This is powerful software that enables the user to manage Employee information, attendance, Leave Management, time-table, training, payroll, Employee Self Service, PF and income tax and etc. No matter how big your company is, Smart HRM can handle and manage all your HR related needs. Our HR software comes with a user-friendly interface and provides easy management solutions for each stage of the employee lifecycle. HR managers can easily evaluate each employee. Additionally, Our hr software store all information in a secure platform which is safe from any unauthorized access. Apart from these, Our hr software can also be customized based on specific requirements. It has all the options to make it the world's most flexible HR and Payroll Management Software. You can make any types of combinations to create your custom rules to meet your specific HR needs, which suit your organization. Smart HRM is Best for Garments, Corporate Office and Factories. It can handle all HRM operations including employee information, payroll, attendance, Leave Management and so on. Cloud based HR & Payroll Software Smart HRMS is a Cloud based HR & Payroll Software as a web-based software application that is provided through the Internet. The user does not need a server or high configuration computer to handle this software. The software can be accessed from just about anywhere using the internet and any smart device. Real Time Biometric Automatic Attendance System We also provide Custom Biometric Attendance Device along with HR Software. This Device is Standalone, Smart, Hassle-free Wireless Biometric Cloud Based Attendance System. The Device Ensures Fingerprint matching of each user and Sends the information via GPRS/ Wi-Fi to the Cloud Server and thus made the data transfer hassle-free. This panel is also capable of being tailored acceding to the organizational need and structure of the client. With various types of reporting, data representation, leave management and many other unique features made our hr software unique from our competitors. our combined hardware and software solution can provide the edge which is needed in an Organization. It goes without saying, our combined hardware and software solution can increase an organization's efficiency and also save a lot of business time. Download Technical & Financial Proposal for HRM Software Live HRM Software Demo HRM Mobile App HR And Payroll Management Software Features Employee ManagementPerformance ManagementLeave ManagementAttendance ManagementLate ManagementHoliday ManagementBenefit & Deduction ManagementProduction Salary ManagementShift/ Schedule ManagementPayroll/ Salary ManagementProvident Fund ManagementIncrement ManagementBonus/allowance ManagementLoan ManagementDaily Report SystemEmployee Self Service (ESS & Mobile App)Security ManagementEmployee Daily Work ReportBusiness Intelligence DashboardNews & Events Management Software ScreenShot

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