Production Cost Management Software

Production Cost Management Software Smart ERP is a business automation and inventory management platform for small to midsize companies. It integrates with Smart Account and offers inventory control, material requirements planning and job shop floor control & manufacturing execution. It is an inventory-centric system, with features for asset management, raw materials management, cycle counting and customized reporting. The system also automates the quoting, ordering and purchasing processes. The work order system enables users to create and share work orders for a variety of tasks. Smart Software Provide production management software is a web based Software for production & Manufacturing companies. This software to keep away from their product overstock and outages. They require exceptionally flexible and versatile software in order to accommodate combinations of make to order, configure to order, create purchase requisition, bill of material, production planning, and make to stock. It is specially design for various functions like as item wise stock management with color, stock in-word or out word, transfer to one store to many with auto gate pass generation. Easily setup, manage and grow your business.We are best Production ERP Development Company in Bangladesh. We Build Custom Software for Your Business Need! We work with you to ensure zero error, on-time delivery. Production Cost Management Software Service list Production PlanningProduct ConfigurationProduction Section ConfigurationSection Wise Worker ConfigurationWorker Payment ConfigurationRaw Material ManagementPurchasing ManagementFinancial StatementGeneral LedgerInventory ManagementFinish Product InventoryRaw Material InventoryFinish Product CostingSuppliers and customers managementFacility capacity managementFacility capacity management

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