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Zero Currency exchange software is an online-based platform that helps people and businesses from across the globe to convert currencies from one form to another.
hrough the provision of a secure and centralized setting, our software offers immediate transparency, thereby allowing involves parties to understand the financial market conditions and exchange currencies safely.

This software feature a universal currency converter, an application that permits the involved parties to convert currency values based on the day’s exchange rates. This software is completely a web based system so that the clients can access and get service from this site remotely.

It provides a complete website which includes different key features and modules. This website is developed in a user friendly way.

How to Work for clients

Clients just have to visit the website for their required exchange. First, they can ensure about the currency rate across the globe so that they will feel secure.

They should login and verify their accounts first to exchange currency through the website. If the account is not verified exchange won’t have to verify account.
After that clients can choose the option from where he/she wants to share money to exchange and also select the gateway where to he wants to keep the exchanged money.

Clients will be predefined for the minimum and maximum exchange.

Key Features

*Dynamic website
*Flexible dashboard
*Home page with different menu
*Notice slider
*Transaction history
*Exchange window
*Testimonial part
*A dynamic system for exchange mechanism

Admin panel management Dashboard

Bank Account management
Bank list>bank record>create bank
Define exchange rates
Currency exchange rate
View services>create services
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