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Features of nLog - the website builder

nLog is The All in ONE solution for any kind of dynamic websites like, corporate official websites, bloggings, portfolio websites, personal website and specially for IT firms where the owner can sell the same software into multiple customers by changing organizational data and basic looks. By default 2 looks are available

"We developed the system so document base that, any new customer feature is very easy to integrate"

nLog has been developed for IT based companies those have minimum developer/s and has a huge demand of several types of website for different customers.
oR for the people how wants to develop their website themselves without concerning with any developers or any IT firms. It will reduce huge cost and that is must be a good point for self-depended people.

The nLog included almost all general features needs for a dynamic website like, Social media sharing, icons, buttons, Google maps, Contact forms, unlimited pages, unlimited menus. it has also the functionality to add product additional data for any special products with extra additional data.

Different frontend (public view part/home page) look so that you can change your website outlook if you want to. It may have a betterment for your website or if you got boar of existing design. nLog is completely dynamic and reusable. Admin cam create as many page/menu he wants. Also can create any kind of User input form like, Contact form, subscription form etc. in any page with any kind of input fields.

nLog is also able to general several types of sliders at any page you want. There are several kind of sliders like, Content Slider generally called as Photo slider / Slider for home page, Slider for employees we called it as Employee slider and one or multiple sliders for showing customer comments or sister concern or partners. We called it as Logo slider

nLog also includes multiple admins, employees, employee categories, clients, employee sliders, logo sliders, content sliders, fun-factors/countdown, contact forms etc. to get facility to make itself complete website builder.

There may be cause of little bit difficulties to create dynamic forms and it`s extension. To make it more clear, see the video tutorial please

Also an welcoming message can be set at home page for Welcome greetings to attract the visitor. There are another function called countdown / Fun-factor. It shows some of organizational statistics at home page or anywhere author likes. nLog is design such a way that, admin can add a feature anywhere at the webpage he wants.

An admin can control contents of the website from admin panel without have any knowledge of programming / coding. Demo login data

Demo Website & login Demo: Login to nLog

User: admin@email.com