warehouse showrooms and wholesales management system

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Zero Inventory Management System

About the project

Zero Inventory Management System is a complete solution for inventory system for the business organization those who have warehouse, multiple showrooms, multiple showroom employees, wholesalers, Suppliers, warehouse managers etc. The system is designed in multiple languages so that anyone can get set up the system/software into their own language. 5 type of Access is already given. If you need more it might be done so easily as per requirements. Accesses are ---
1 Admin (the master mind of the system)
2. Warehouse Managers
3. Showroom Managers
4. Showroom Salesman
5. Wholesalers
An admin can have every single option without having any kind of coding knowledge. Admin can see all reports including daily sales at several showrooms, daily income, daily profiles, return product items & much more. Warehouse Managers can deliver products to any showrooms or to a wholesaler with payment details. He can see single product quantities at several showrooms. Which showroom sailing how much and to whom etc. details. Can accept payments from wholesalers and much more. Showroom Managers can sell retail items to general consumers with tow options.

1. Cash payment
2. Installment payments

He can accept a return item form customer & set back that quantity into the showroom. Also can appoint showroom salesman etc.

Please have a look to live demo

everything will be clearer & if you have any doubt please let me know. Features  Easy Installation.
 100% Dynamic Management System.
 Multiple Language
 Multiple Currency
 Multiple Access to the system
 Fully Responsive
 Clean and documented code
 Cross Browser Support
 Advance Searching options
 Highly Security provided
 Injection protected
 Dynamic data recovery
 And many more …


Link: click here to see
All username, password and access label is given at the link.