Blood bank management as social media

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‘Blood bank with social media’ is a web page platform. It will work as social media as well as blood bank. The system will collect blood donors & gave them an individual account for further activities. I normal blood donor can share this post over the system & system will show his/her post to all other members of the system. When a user/blood donor share his/her post, it will show a category, one is ‘general share’ for sharing opinion or status of mind and second one is ’blood related’. When a user share his/her post & if it is blood related post, one blood group will be selected by the user & then, system will sent a general message to all other users/member about this urgency of blood. This how a normal user can share his/her post and also can get blood donors if needed. We made this fully responsive so that every device can get an access. We use Codeigniter as a framework. It`s the most popular framework of php around the world. In the system an admin can manage complete website without having single line knowledge of coding or programming. This System allows multiple admin and unlimited members, posting, commenting etc. When a user request to be the member of the system. It will controlled by the system via emailing & for further it could be integrated with SMS getaway.

We use MVC pattern to make the project & also with HMVC that is more secure and easy to further developments.

We use a great view for the project with required update technologies. Like, comments and so on. Photo sharing, poste sharing, sending message to any other existing email via your system. A member / user can deactivate his/her account if needed etc. this how we tried to make it a full projects as blood bank and also as a social media

This project we made with multiple languages so that you can set up your own language. It will work as social media posting & notifications

It`s design pattern is HMVC. each portions is independent form other
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Video and textual Documentation


  • Easy Installation.
  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Bootstrap based fully responsive design for any device
  • Clean code and PHP script
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Simple but Powerful admin panel.
  • Special security against session hijacking.
  • Dashboard statistics.
  • Unlimited posts adding.
  • Unlimited members adding.
  • Dynamic Password Update via E-mail.
  • Change everything such as logo, site title from admin panel.
  • and much more…


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